The Long and Winding

The long and the winding

The long and the winding

This was the story of Huw, Rose and their converted Land Rover Forward Control 101 on their voyage around the UK, across Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East. It was a reality that so sadly did not live up to the dream.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been following us. Thank you to all the wonderful, kind and generous people we met on our way.

Our paths are now separate.

Thank you

We want to say thank you, diolch, gracias, shokran, siyabonga, to many people

At the risk of sounding soppy, we couldn’t have done it without you, but we’ll keep it as short and sweet as possible. After all, we aren’t actors. So, here goes...

To all the brilliant people we’ve met along the way: if we took your picture

and special thanks to:

  1. Our parents for, predictably, everything. But especially for inspiring us to travel.
  2. Roger Fairbairn and Lee Salvidge, co-architects of the original plans for a 101 expedition.
  3. All our friends, escorts and family, who put up with us talking incessantly about the truck, the trip and our tribulations for many, many months.
  4. Graham ‘Landyman’ Kelly for doing it first and sharing what he learnt.
  5. Steve Gulliford, who answered questions, sold us tyres and most importantly, told us to buy this truck, even though he was selling two of his own.
  6. James McCormick for selling us his passion and his pride and joy. We’re taking good care of her.
  7. Geoff Purves, who drove us up to collect her in October 2008.
  8. Jon Joseph for imparting wisdom, confidence and the willingness to trust the gods.
  9. Anyone that’s ever posted any advice on the 101 Club Forum or the HUBB.
  10. Darren Parsons, whose dedication keeps ours and many other 101s on the road.
  11. Martin Howdle for his company and craftsmanship.
  12. Chris Tipper for his craftsmanship and company.

Incredible European roads for driving

Those who really want to experience a country must drive on its roads. Europe provides an impressive palette of roads, from bumpy roads in countryside Bulgaria, curvy Transfagarasan in Romania and impressive Furka Pass in Switzerland to the islands-connecting bridge Atlantic Road in Norway and the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps, Italy. Explore some of these roads with your escort Paris and you will have an incredible road trip.

Drive for pleasure

Drive your car in Austria, on Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse – High Alpine Road and your eyes will be delighted with the views and stunning scenery dominated by snowy peaks. Pass through the Hohe Tauern National Park, count as many mountains as you can see – you will pass by 37 mountains – and climb at the giddy height of 2,504 meters. Photograph the pine-clad hills, stop by the glaciers for a picnic and relax your muscles in the Alpine Nature Show museum to watch some great exhibits.

If you love driving with an escort Paris, you will love Verdon Gorge circuit more. This road in France is everything a driver can dream: a gentle ascend followed by sharp climbs and curves that will challenge your driving skills. American drivers call it the Europe’s version of Grand Canyon. Considering it passes by an abyss of more than 2,000 feet, we can say that Americans are right. Prepare for the picturesque views and some great wilderness because your road to Lorgues will be astonishing.

Nature’s wonders will be admired by you and your escort in Iceland on Route one. The spectacular extremes include geysers, lava fields, volcanoes, hot springs and waterfalls that will appeal you to jump from the car directly in the water. But the temperatures are far from being friendly and you will have to resign with the beauty of the landscapes if you and to bring here an escort Paris. Explore the ash fields and waterfall at Dettifoss then drive towards Husavik for whale-watching. Take a break on the Westfjords and Snæfellsnes peninsula before continuing your road trip to other European countries.

Although it has only 12 miles, the Military Road in Isle of Wight is one of the most adorable roads you will drive on. The panoramic view of the SW coast of the Island lays before your eyes, charming you and inviting you for a couple of days of relaxation. Put away your stress, unwind in this tiny heaven on earth, feel like you are on a roller coaster and pass by the delightful houses and lodges that look so comfortable and chic from the outside.

Drive where the road will take you

Try Ring of Kerry in Ireland. It is a jewelry – more specifically, a gem of all European roads. Because it displays one of the most charming views in Europe, drivers from all over the world come to try this road. They will not be disappointed: 110 miles with golf links, unforgettable views from Moll’s Gap and must-visit restaurants in Kenmare. All European countries will astonish you with some breath-taking roads. Fill up your tank and hit on gas, you have plenty of places to visit and roads to drive on!