The Long and Winding

The kit

You know who you are. Some of you out simply need to know these things.

it’s what we’ve forgotten that’s worrying

  1. air tools
  2. axe
  3. axle stand
  4. ball joint splitter
  5. bottle jack (4 tonne) x2
  6. break pipe flaring tool
  7. cable, string and wire
  8. circlip pliers
  9. cold chisel
  10. crimper
  11. feeler gauge
  12. gaffer tape (for when all else fail)
  13. grease gun
  14. hack saw + blades
  15. hammer
  16. hand drill

in the, errr, unlikely event of a breakdown

  1. accelerator cable
  2. accelerator spring countershaft return
  3. air filter
  4. ball joint kit for track rod ends
  5. ball joints LH
  6. ball joints RH
  7. breather filter for breather system
  8. brake cylinder repair kit (2 front)
  9. brake cylinder repair kit (2 rear)
  10. brake master cylinder repair kit
  11. brake cylinders front

wake up and spell the coffee

  1. chopping board
  2. corkscrew and tin opener
  3. cutlery from Rose’s Grandma, four of each, mounted vertically on strong magnets1
  4. grater for cheese, carrots etc (and cork - into the radiator if it’s leaking - top tip from Uncle Rog)
  5. mugs, thermos and with built-in filters for coffee
  6. plates and bowls, of the old-school tin variety
  7. pans inc. small saucepan with lid and frying pan
  8. thermos flasks it's all about the admin
  9. tumblers, plastic and in lovely colours, from Anna

Personal documents

  1. admin info sheets including all our personal details, to make border crossings easier
  2. passports (brand spanking new 48-pagers) including Arabic transcript page for entry into Libya
  3. passport photos - loads of these for all the visas and border crossings